NBC Panel Photo Submission

In the spring of 2012 I was given the opportunity to submit roughly give or take, 20 some photographs to NBC. This was all part of a project I’ve been participating in for almost a year – being part of a panel of 35 (as a panelist you are asked to do a number of projects which in turn give NBC information on society/media/advertising/politics/trends/etc).

The guidelines for this particular project/contest were as followed:
Take high quality photos of the people, places and things that, taken together, paint a candid portrait of your life. Make each photo count…no boring party photos or tourist snapshots. Think of yourself as an amateur photographer – think about composition, framing, lighting, and who/what is in the frame. Don’t use any filters; we’d prefer the pictures to be natural. No professional shots such as family portraits, etc.

Those were the guidelines and after shooting some new material and pulling from some old material which I left unedited, I came up with this submission which rewarded me with First Place. I won’t even pretend like I’m not still excited or proud and believe me when I say the competition was fierce!

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