Mini Me

The funny thing about college is that sometimes your forced to do projects on things you don’t like but I had a pretty awesome professor (Mr. Maguire) who assigned us a project for an entire semester, you either loved your subject or you hated it. But the number one rule was if it was personal you were not to mention it. It was based of a rule/theory called “Coffee and Donuts.” Long story short Maguire had encountered over the years other professors in Studio Arts who had trouble with students describing their work in such a personal manner that it took away from the meaning. And this is how the theory of “Coffee and Donuts” was born, mention that this photograph is of your child, your first born learning to walk in the park, you buy the class coffee and donuts. Mention that the drawing is of your dead grandma, buy the class coffee and donuts. So I won’t mention anything other than this is some of the work from my college years and a project that I’ve continued over the years because of love of the moments and truth that photography has brought to my life.

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